Bloomberg: First Republic Says Fed, JPMorgan, Push Liquidity to $70 Billion


(Bloomberg) -- The turmoil following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank continued to spread Monday, with First Republic Bank shares falling about 60% in pre-market trading despite efforts by the US regional lender to reassure investors on its liquidity.

The declines came after the bank said in a statement late Sunday that it had more than $70 billion in unused liquidity to fund operations from agreements that included the Federal Reserve and JPMorgan Chase & Co.SourceMoneyGuru-

“The additional borrowing capacity from the Federal Reserve, continued access to funding through the Federal Home Loan Bank, and ability to access additional financing through JPMorgan Chase & Co. increases, diversifies, and further strengthens First Republic’s existing liquidity profile,” the bank said.SourceMoneyGuru-

The assurances failed to win over investors with many rushing for safety in US and German debt, underlining concerns over the potential for rising interest rates to uncover hidden risks elsewhere. That’s despite analysts including at Deutsche Bank AG and Citigroup Inc. saying the SVB crisis had little bearing on the outlook for lenders in the region which have recently posted robust profits.SourceMoneyGuru-

More liquidity is available through the Fed’s new lending facility, according to the statement.SourceMoneyGuru-

The announcement came after First Republic’s liquidity came under pressure along with other regional banks after SVB Financial Group’s banking unit collapsed into receivership on Friday.SourceMoneyGuru-

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In the UK, HSBC Holdings Plc is buying SVB’s UK arm, after a frantic weekend where ministers and bankers explored various ways to avert the SVB unit’s collapse.SourceMoneyGuru-

Germany’s financial regulator BaFin announced Monday that it had frozen SVB’s branch in the country. Silicon Valley Bank Germany Branch will not be allowed to sell assets or make payments because it’s at risk of not being able to fulfill commitments to creditors, BaFin said in a statement.SourceMoneyGuru-

The German operations aren’t considered to be systemically relevant, BaFin said. The Frankfurt-based institution’s balance sheet amounted to €789.2 million ($842.3 million) at the end of last year and doesn’t take deposits, according to the regulator.SourceMoneyGuru-

Shares at Credit Suisse Group AG tumbled 15% on Monday morning, without any evidence of a clear link to the SVB crisis. The troubled Swiss lender is in the midst of a complex overhaul and has struggled to hold on to client cash amid concerns over its return to profitability.SourceMoneyGuru-

Before SVB’s collapse, analysts at Bloomberg Intelligence saw First Republic as potentially posting better loan growth and asset quality than its peers, as it focuses on high net worth individuals in urban markets and has a “conservative credit culture.”SourceMoneyGuru- SourceMoneyGuru-




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