Joe Biden Dodges Questions After ‘Assurance Speech’ Amid Banking Crisis


Joe Biden Dodges Questions After ‘Assurance Speech’ Amid Banking Crisis

US President Joe Biden's "gaffes" have a tendency to go viral and while his ducking out of planned press conferences mid-question was initially brushed off as amusing, the latest instance in the case has not gone down well. After briefing reporters about the Silicon Valley Bank collapse on Monday, Joe Biden walked out of the room as a reporter asked him a question.SourceMoneyGuru-

When he ended his remarks on "maintaining a resilient banking system and protecting our historic economic recovery", a reporter asked, "President, what do you know right now about why this happened? And can you assure Americans that there won't be a ripple effect?"SourceMoneyGuru-

Without a second glance and before the question "Will other banks fail, Mr President" was complete, Joe Biden had marched towards the exit and left the room full of reporters.SourceMoneyGuru-

The comments on the White House's YouTube channel that captured the incident have been turned off, Twitter was rife with reactions. A clip of the moment when Joe Biden was leaving the room has gone viral with over 4 million views.SourceMoneyGuru-

The caption read: '"Can you assure Americans that there won't be a ripple effect? Do you expect other banks to fail?" Biden: *shuts door*'SourceMoneyGuru-

This is not the first time that the US President has left a room full of reporters wanting more. After making a statement on the China "spy balloon" incident, journalists leapt at Joe Biden with questions. After being asked by a reporter, "Are you compromised by your family's business relationships?" Mr Biden said, "give me a break, man" and walked off without answering any questions.SourceMoneyGuru-

Last year, a clip of him smiling at reporters as they roared questions at him after he met with the Colombian president went viral as well, with several on social media saying that he "refuses to speak to journalists because he doesn't have the answers".SourceMoneyGuru-

In 2021, a reporter even called out the President for not taking questions. A CBS reporter said as Joe Biden turned to leave the room, "When will you answer questions about your meeting with Xi Jinping and other leaders? When will you answer our questions, sir?"SourceMoneyGuru- SourceMoneyGuru-




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