My honest review of YNAB: the ultimate budgeting tool for everyone

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Are you tired of endless spreadsheets, complicated formulas, and feeling overwhelmed by your finances? Look no further than YNAB (You Need A Budget) – the ultimate budgeting tool for everyone! As a busy professional with a lot on your plate, it can be tough to stay on top of your spending habits. But fear not – after trying out YNAB for myself, I am here to share my honest review and convince you why this tool is worth it for anyone looking to take control of their money. Get ready to say goodbye to financial stress and hello to a brighter future!

My honest review of YNAB: the ultimate budgeting tool for everyoneSourceMoneyGuru-

Introduction to YNAB

When it comes to budgeting, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Some people prefer to use a simple Excel spreadsheet, while others go for more comprehensive software like Quicken.SourceMoneyGuru-

But if you’re looking for a tool that’s specifically designed for budgeting and nothing else, then you should give YNAB (You Need a Budget) a try. In this article, I’ll give you an overview of what YNAB is and how it works, as well as my honest opinion on whether it’s worth the price.SourceMoneyGuru-

What is YNAB?SourceMoneyGuru-

YNAB is budgeting software that’s available for both desktop and mobile devices. It follows the “envelope method” of budgeting, where you divide your money into different categories (or “envelopes”) and only spend what’s allocated to each category.SourceMoneyGuru-

For example, you might have envelopes for groceries, gas, entertainment, and so on. Once you know how much money you have in each envelope, it’s easier to stick to your budget.SourceMoneyGuru-

How does YNAB work?SourceMoneyGuru-

When you first sign up for YNAB, you start by creating your budget from scratch. You can either use one of their pre-made templates or create your own custom budget.SourceMoneyGuru-

Once your budget is set up, the next step is to connect your bank accounts. This allows you to import all your transactions automatically so you always know how much money you have in each envelope.SourceMoneyGuru-

Lastly, you can use YNAB’s reporting and mobile apps to stay on top of your budget. The mobile app will even help you split transactions into the correct envelopes so that nothing slips through the cracks.SourceMoneyGuru-

Benefits of Using YNAB

There are countless benefits of using YNAB as your budgeting tool. To start, YNAB is designed to help you live within your means and break the cycle of debt. By tracking your spending and creating a budget, you will be able to see where your money is going and make changes accordingly. This will help you save money in the long run. Additionally, YNAB can help you build up an emergency fund so that you are prepared for unexpected expenses. Overall, using YNAB will help you take control of your finances and improve your financial wellbeing.SourceMoneyGuru-

How to Set Up YNAB

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If you're looking for a budgeting tool that will help you get your finances in order, YNAB is a great option. Setting up YNAB is easy and only takes a few minutes. Here's what you need to do:SourceMoneyGuru-

1. Go to the YNAB website and create an account. You'll need to provide your name, email address, and create a password.SourceMoneyGuru-

2. Once you're logged in, you'll be asked to choose your currency. Select the currency you want to use and then click 'Save.'SourceMoneyGuru-

3. The next step is to connect your bank account to YNAB. This will allow YNAB to automatically import your transactions and categorize them accordingly. To do this, click on the 'Connect Account' button and follow the instructions.SourceMoneyGuru-

4. After your bank account is connected, it's time to start adding transactions. You can do this manually or by importing them from your bank account. To add a transaction manually, click on the 'Add Transaction' button and fill out the form. To import transactions from your bank account, click on the 'Import Transactions' button and follow the instructions.SourceMoneyGuru-

5. That's it! You're now ready to start using YNAB and getting your finances in order!SourceMoneyGuru-

Pros and Cons of YNAB

There are a lot of budgeting tools out there, so how do you know if YNAB is the right one for you? Here's a detailed look at the pros and cons of this popular tool to help you make a decision.SourceMoneyGuru-


1. YNAB is designed to help you get out of debt and stay out of debt. The founders created the program after getting out of $20,000 in credit card debt, so they know a thing or two about getting control of your finances.

2. YNAB is built on the philosophy that every dollar has a job. This means that you assign each dollar you earn to specific categories like savings, bills, and discretionary spending. This helps you make informed decisions about where your money goes and keeps you from overspending in any one area.

3. One of the great things about YNAB is that it's very flexible. There's no 'right' way to use the program - it can be customized to fit your unique situation and financial goals.

4. YNAB is cloud-based, so you can access it from anywhere (there's also an app for your phone). This makes it easy to stay on top of your budget even when you're on the go.


1. While YNAB is designed to be user-friendly, it can take some time to learn how to use all its features (especially if you're new to budgeting).

2. YNAB is a paid program. While it's not overly expensive, some people may prefer to use a free budgeting tool.

3. YNAB does not have any direct integration with bank accounts or credit cards. This means you have to manually enter transactions and reconcile your accounts each month.

My Experience with YNAB

I started using YNAB about a year ago, and it has completely changed my relationship with money. I used to be a total spender, but now I'm much more mindful about where my money goes.

YNAB is great because it helps you track your spending and figure out where you can save money. It also makes it easy to create a budget and stick to it. I've found that using YNAB has helped me become much more financiallyresponsible.

If you're looking for a budgeting tool that will help you get your finances under control, I highly recommend YNAB. It's helped me so much, and I'm sure it can help you too!

Pricing and Plans Comparison

There are a few different pricing options for YNAB, but they all operate on a monthly subscription basis. The first option is their Classic plan, which is $11.99 per month. This plan gives you access to all of the features of YNAB, including goal setting, tracking your progress, and more. The second option is their Plus plan, which is $34.99 per month. This plan includes everything in the Classic plan, plus added features like early access to new features, priority customer support, and more. Finally, they have theirPremium plan, which is $49.99 per month. This plan includes everything in the Plus plan, plus additional features like unlimited phone and email support, priority access to new features, and more.

Alternatives to YNAB

There are many different budgeting tools available on the market, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. YNAB is a great option for those who are looking for a comprehensive budgeting tool that can help them track their spending and save money. However, if you're not sure that YNAB is the right fit for you, there are plenty of other options to consider. Mint is a popular budgeting tool that is offered by Intuit. Mint offers many of the same features as YNAB, including the ability to track your spending, create a budget, and set financial goals. Mint also has a mobile app so that you can keep track of your finances on the go. Personal Capital is another budgeting tool that can be used to track your spending and investments. Personal Capital also offers investment advice and has a retirement planner so that you can plan for your future financial needs.

everydollar is another budgeting tool from Ramsey Solutions that offers many of the same features as YNAB, including the ability to create a budget, track your spending, and set financial goals. Everydollar also has a mobile app so that you canbudget on the go.

There are many other budgeting tools available on the market, so be sure to do your research to find one that best fits your needs. No matter which budgeting tool you choose, setting up a budget and tracking your expenses can help you take control of your finances.


In conclusion, YNAB is an excellent budgeting tool for everyone. It has a range of features that make budgeting easier and more efficient, as well as the ability to learn from our financial behavior with insightful real-time reports. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface makes it a great choice for beginners who are looking to take control of their finances in 2021. There’s no doubt that if you're serious about getting your spending habits under control, YNAB can help you do just that—it’s definitely worth investing in!




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